BB8 Conferences

Event Production

We create exciting environments and content to maximise the impact of your event

Film & Video Production

Film & Video

Explore how high quality creative film & video can support and improve your events and marketing & communications

Big Blue 8 Logistics


We specialise in sustainable and economic exhibition solutions, using the latest fabrication techniques

Event Streaming

Dramatically increase your audience reach and your event investment through our live or recorded event streaming service

The art of events...

Creating brilliant, inspiring and motivating events is an art form that demands all the imagination, skill and execution of any great work.

We specialise in events that truly move people at every level. From brand experiences to leadership forums we know what works and how to deliver a truly creative and memorable occasion. So, if you’re looking for the exceptional and affordable – you’ve come to the right place.

From the moment that you contact us we work closely with you and your team to build the brief and have a clear understanding of what you need and what success looks like for you. We then deliver all aspects of your event using the strength of our own experience and the resources of our extensive supplier network.

We offer a wide array of event and hospitality solutions that include: Brand experiences, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, motivational seminars, corporate parties, charity dinners, film and video spectaculars, roadshows, and so much more.

We stage events right across Britain and overseas, if needed we can stream your event globally using our ‘Events Zone’ platform to extend your potential audience.


Let us explain how we can make your event a memorable and successful experience.


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