The Big Blue 8 Experience

We are the B2B specialist events management and production agency that deliver real commercial value, create great inspirational opportunities and showcase the dynamism of your brand.

Based in the Midlands with offices in Alcester and Leamington Spa, we’ve created amazing experiences for many clients from all types of industries. We are also passionate about helping support local clients and suppliers in rejuvenating our industrial heartland in order to boost the Midlands Engine.

Creating the perfect event can seem a little daunting, thinking of ideas, finding the audience, where to hold it, what do people eat, and will they turn up? At Big Blue 8 we take the stress out of all that and help you every step of the way. We create high quality conferences, exhibitions, roadshows and awards events for all kinds of businesses.

We can work with you in several ways depending on your requirements, budget and timescales. Don’t worry if it’s your first event or your 50th, or what sector you operate in – we make it easy for you.

We live to think outside the box by creating events that audiences always enjoy, we want your events to be engaging, memorable and offer real value. Our experience and blend of live and virtual techniques will always make sure this happens. By adding creative flair, with 100% delivery, we can achieve results you never could imagine.

So, you’re probably thinking what makes Big Blue 8 different to all the other event companies out there? Well we go the extra mile by predicting every move your audience make. We can manage the complete journey, from predicting their first step on arrival to their last when they leave. We make sure your event reaches your objectives and helps create fantastic memories for everyone involved.