Helping save live events and the planet

Helping save live events and the planet

The UK hosts over 1.3 million business events every year, imagine what the number of global events might be… and what impact does this have on the environment and for a more sustainable future? With increasing pressure on business to help reduce the worlds carbon footprint, what can we do to help?

A new way… a sustainable way

We understand the stark reality that collectively we have a responsibility to rethink the art of modern event delivery. No matter how large or small the activity, we realise our clients view events with the same eco critical eye and level of scrutiny as any other out-sourced service.

Through intelligently designed events we can limit the use of non-recyclable materials (such as plastics) and increase the number of re-usable event items wherever possible.

A clear, sustainable approach must address two main areas of concern… waste and travel.

How can we control waste?

The commitment, where possible, must be to re-use, re-purpose or recycle everything connected to our events.

This includes a commitment to…

  • Reduce the use of non-degradable plastics to zero (including plastic bottles).
  • Reduce the carbon footprint by working with local suppliers – including catering services.
  • Ensure all disposable catering utensils are recyclable and/or biodegradable.
  • Reduce food waste to as near to 100% as possible.

Can we also limit our travel needs?

It may seem, counter intuitive to reduce travel. By their very nature, events require physical visitors and delegates, or do they? Globally attended events can have a huge impact on a business’s carbon footprint. So, how can we reduce the need to fly people half way around the world yet still accomplish our clients’ communication goals.

Are we suggesting fewer face-to-face events. Some might say that sounds a little foolish for an events agency to propose, but we can’t ignore the ‘elephant in the room’, do we need to run certain events at all?

Luckily this is where technology steps in…

How exactly can technology help reduce the need for a physical presence at events?

With Big Blue 8’s innovative event streaming tool – Events Zone – it’s possible that selected events (typically those that don’t rely on physical participation) can be delivered more sustainability and just as professionally. This approach has the potential to reduce travel and save on materials, whilst at the same time reducing spend and increasing ROI.Immersive