Events in a post Covid world…

Events in a post Covid world…

We have already seen the sporting events calendar restart recently (albeit without live audiences), and I have no doubt that at some point in the next 12-18 months larger scale corporate events will need to begin again, in order to regenerate the communication needs of businesses.

However, we should be under no illusion – the nature of live events will change…. But how?

For some time now, the desire for more sustainable event formats has been growing. There is no doubt that air travel is one of the most polluting forms of transport and the continued use of non-degradable plastics and other materials in catering packaging, conference staging and exhibition fabrication have all had an impact on our environment.

This perfect storm has led to the exponential growth of Zoom and other screen-based video conferencing platforms. Whilst these are no doubt vital to bridge the communication gap in the short term, they are really only useful for small meetings or gatherings.

The shortcomings of these platforms in security and quality becomes all to painfully obvious with their use over a long period of time.

In a post Coronavirus pandemic world, there will be continued nervousness for some time (maybe years) surrounding the interaction of large groups of people. Where social distancing is difficult or counter-productive, there needs to emerge a sustainable event format that can engage large audiences remotely.

What is needed is an engaging and immersive platform designed specifically for the needs of large, impactful virtual events. A fully remote experience that nevertheless re-creates the excitement, interaction and inspiration of a live event.

Big Blue 8 have recently partnered with tech agency ‘Real Immersive’ to realise this goal.

Real Immersive Events provides an interactive platform to maximise the experience for large remote audiences attending a centralised event. Using interactive apps for True 2-way communication, combined with mixed reality technology, allows us to create a virtual environment that is the next best thing to live attendance – and in some instances, this virtual experience will create an even more fulfilling experience.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting development. Alternatively, visit Real Immersive on